Jay Bart Simmons

Age: 63

Location: Dallas, Texas

“I have had skin and thyroid issues for decades. I have consulted with multiple doctors. I have read extensively. I have even joined various thyroid support groups. Not once did I hear food mentioned as a potential cause or trigger. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommended that I keep eating carbs and stay away from red meant and fats. I followed those guidelines to a T. Yet, my kin issues continued to worsen.

After contracting acid reflux, I cut out most grains, sugars, and vegetables, as well as starches and refined carbs. My skin issues disappeared. Today, my diet features natural fats derived from organic beef, pork, chicken, eggs and fish.

My results speak for themselves. Before, I weighted 22 pounds and had a 36-38 inch waist size. I had Dyshidrotic Eczema, psoriasis, joint pain, acid reflux and Hypothyroidism, and needed prescription ointments, salves, steroids, and shampoos. Now, I weigh 200 pounds and maintain a 33 inch waist size. Every single malady has either improved or been fully remedied.

I’ve got a lot of ranching left in me and a lot of travel plans. I plan to dance at the weddings of each of my 11 grandchildren. I feel great. My wife loves the new, healthier me. We celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. Life is indeed good!”

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