Michael Carrato

Age: 49

Location: Williamsville, New York

I started dieting when I was 13 years old, when the low-fat craze was taking hold. I was an athlete but always battled weight gain, fatigue, sleep issues, autoimmune problems. Over time, my weight increased to 400 lbs, on a 5”6 frame. I tried a number of different approaches to diet and exercise, but none offered a sustainable solution.

Last year, I felt like I’d run out of options. Then I stumbled on Jason Fung's The Obesity Code and it gave me hope. I attempted my first 24 hour fast soon, and it quickly turned into 60 hours. At 40 hours, the fog I had always lived in simply lifted. In six months, I lost 80 pounds. My A1C went from 8.7 to 5.4. My liver markers corrected. After years of struggling just to walk, I plan to start playing ice hockey again soon. I am more than halfway to my goal weight of 180lbs, barely a year after I thought I'd be dead by age 55. Thank you for sharing the nutritional knowledge that the government and advisory boards have suppressed. You have literally saved my life.

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