Major Frank Cortez


Age: 39

Location: Knoxville, Iowa

I am an Active Duty Major in the United States Army. I consider myself to be in excellent physical condition. I have probably tried every type of diet and workout routine. Before going “keto,” my diet consisted mainly of an extremely high protein/low carb/low fat regimen.

When I started the ketogenic diet, I was beyond skeptical. But after the first four weeks, I began to see not only physical changes in my body, but also improved energy levels and mental clarity. While I used to fall back to coffee, energy drinks and supplements to get me through long periods on duty, now, my diet is enough. On keto, I have retained all my lean mass and I am stronger and faster than ever. I also have more energy for my wife and children. Now, I tell everyone I know about the pitfalls of standard dietary recommendations.

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