Joshua & Mary Haun


Ages: 36 & 45

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

When  we started our journey to change our diet, I weighed 335lbs, while my  wife, Mary, weighed about 165 lbs. Mary was struggling with brain fog,  irritable bowel syndrome and general lethargy. I had terribly low  energy, no stamina, inflamed joints, and pain in my knees. I was also  probably pre-diabetic, based on the amount of fat I was carrying in my  midsection. We tried vegetarian and vegan diets, juicing, and  elimination diets that removed gluten, sugar, dairy, nuts, etc. Finally,  we decided to try a low-carb approach and the results came quickly!  Within 2 months,  I lost over 30lbs and had enough energy to entertain the idea of going  to the gym. In that same time, Mary noted how she rarely felt any brain  fog and that her bowel movements had become more regular. Over the  following months, I noticed that I was no longer feeling inflammation in  my joints and that my knees were no longer sore when going up and down  stairs. Mary and I found that our blood sugars were testing normal, and  the weight was falling away for both of us. We felt as though we had  stumbled upon the world's best-kept secret!

As  it stands today, I have lost over 120lbs, and Mary has lost 45lbs, and  we have both kept the weight off.  There have been battles to be sure,  but through it all, the rewards that we have reaped through low carb  nutrition are undeniable. We can't bring ourselves to go back to the  S.A.D. [“Standard American Diet”] way of eating ever again! 

As  children who watched the health of our loved ones deteriorate due to  misinformation about nutrition, we’ve seen how the recommended dietary  guidelines didn't work for our family, and  we’ve made new discoveries about diet that have shifted our  relationship with food, resulting in more vibrant and healthy lives.