The Nutrition Coalition Is Interested In Your Health Success Story

People across the United States are increasingly finding good health by ignoring official (high-carbohydrate) USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans (diet recommendations) and following other programs (such as LCHF, Keto, Paleo, etc).

The Nutrition Coalition (TNC) does not promote any one diet, nor does it promote a “one size fits all” model for all people. Yet it is an undeniable fact that the high-carbohydrate approach enshrined in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans has not produced good health for the majority of Americans.

What produces good health? How did you achieve it? How do you maintain it?

TNC would like to hear and share your success story! These stories are important to illustrate for policy makers and others how the Dietary Guidelines need to change in order to improve health in America.

We would like to hear stories from people who are willing to give TNC permission to use (1) his/her first name (only) (2) his/her story, (3) age or age range (4) city, State, and (3) before/after photos in TNC promotional materials, including its website.

We really appreciate the fact that people from around the world are achieving success, but because our focus is on the US Dietary Guidelines, we are working with US policy makers–and their constituencies are US-based.  If we do receive stories from other countries, we will archive them for sharing at some future point. Right now, there is an urgent opportunity to present alternative evidence to the USDA and the general public.

If you can agree to the above, please send an email to

With the following information:

  • Name (first)
  • Age (or age range)
  • Race/Ethnicity (optional)
  • City, State  (US only)

Please provide a brief summary of your health story (e.g., previous diet, in x months/years lost X pounds, got off xx medications, reversed xx health condition, etc.). What was the diet that you followed to regain health?

What specific conditions improved (obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, etc.)?

Please attach before/after photos.

Thank you very much!!