Report to Congress: Low-Carb Diet Yields Groundbreaking Results for T2 Diabetes


Dr. Sarah Hallberg, chair of the Nutrition Coalition’s Scientific Council, took her breakthrough research on reversing type 2 diabetes to Congress last month. In a briefing to the bipartisan “Food As Medicine” group in the House, Dr. Hallberg detailed results from the large, university-based controlled clinical trial she leads, which reversed T2 diabetes in 60% of participants after just one year on a very low-carb diet (with support provided by a mobile app). Sixty percent reversal of diabetes! This ought to make headlines around the world. No other diet has had results that come close. By contrast, the American Diabetes Association reports only 0.1% reversal on their nutritional program. We could not be happier that Congress listened to this important science regarding a disease that is crippling our country.*

*Note: Virta Health funded the study, and Dr. Hallberg is a Virta Health employee, in addition to serving as the medical director for the Indiana University-Arnett Health Medical Weight Loss Program.