Low Carbohydrate Diets: Have They Been Researched Adequately?

There have now been more than 70 clinical trials on nearly 7,000 people, including a wide variety of sick and well populations, mainly in the U.S. These studies are compiled in a public database

Did the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee review this literature?

An article in BMJ documents that the low-carbohydrate literature was omitted from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report. 

Excerpt: The omitted papers on low-carbohydrate diets include β€œnine pilot studies, 11 case studies, 19 observational studies, and at least 74 randomised controlled trials, 32 of which lasted six months or longer.” See Table C on BMJ.com for the complete list of studies. A more legible version of this table is available here (Appendix #5).

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