Host A Screening of The Magic Pill


Interested in seeing The Magic Pill on the big screen? How about watching the movie in a theater with your friends and your community? The Nutrition Coalition wants to help make that happen!

The Nutrition Coalition has partnered with the folks at Fan-Force to bring The Magic Pill to movie theaters around the country. The Magic Pill is an amazing documentary by filmmakers Rob Tate and Pete Evans who explore the relationship between food, nutrition, and disease. It highlights the role good nutrition can play in preventing, improving, and reversing diseases like obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and possibly even cancer.

The film features many experts —Drs. David Perlmutter, Jason Fung, Loren Cordain — who have raised awareness about the fact that our official dietary guidelines are not based in sound science and therefore have failed to promote good health. With experts Joel Saletin and Alan Savory, among others, the film also explores the environmental questions related to raising livestock.

Among those interviewed in the film is Nina Teicholz, Executive Director of The Nutrition Coalition and author of The Big Fat Surprise, who tells the story of how nutrition science and policy took a wrong turn in America. The surprise is that good nutrition isn’t what we’ve all been led to believe for the last 60 years.

The documentary also gives voice to the stories of many real people whose health has dramatically improved upon adoption of a diet free from sugar, grains, and artificial foods.

If you’re interested in hosting a screening of The Magic Pill in your town or city, we want to help. These screenings are only possible if we have a strong community to promote the film. It helps to have an expert (doctor, health professional, researcher, author) who can attend the screening and do a Q&A with the audience afterwards. Inviting an expert can help draw an audience for these special, one-time screenings of the film.

The costs of the screening are covered by the ticket sales, so your help is needed only for the organization and promotion of the film. The Nutrition Coalition will also be promoting the screenings on our social media, but the power of your local community and bringing that community together is what will make your screening a success.

Why is The Nutrition Coalition promoting these screenings? We are a non-profit organization that aims to increase awareness about the need to reform the Dietary Guidelines so that they are based in rigorous science - in order to start reversing the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics in our country. The Nutrition Coalition also seeks to connect to a grassroots community that shares our goals. Through these screenings, we’ll ideally get as many folks signed up for our newsletter as possible, and we’ll happily accept tax-deductible donations to support our cause. If you’re not already signed up for the newsletter, please do that now so we can keep you informed about the screenings as well as other happenings with The Nutrition Coalition.