Americans follow the Guidelines, but their health has not improved.


Americans have:
  • reduced consumption of red meat by 17%, eggs by 17%, and butter by 14%
  • increased consumption of chicken by 118% and fish by 38%
  • reduced their consumption of animal (mainly saturated) fats by 16%
  • increased consumption of vegetable oils by more than 90%
  • reduced their consumption of whole milk by 73%
  • increased consumption of low-fat milk by 141%

(For more information, please see charts (here) on the consumption of meats and other proteins; fats and oils; and dairy)

Is junk food the only problem?

This is not clear. Since 2001, Americans have:

  • cut back on total sugar by 14%;
  • cut back on refined grains by 12%;
  • increased consumption of whole grains by 33%

(To see this information in chart form, click here)

Yet American health has not improved:

Since 1980: